06.18.24 | NBCUniversal StudioPost
Amazon's Fallout: Sounds of the Apocalypse
Post Perspective Article Read More
01.18.24 | NBCUniversal StudioPost
Inside Resident Alien's Remote Workflow
Post Magazine article Read More
01.04.24 | NBCUniversal StudioPost
Building a Soundscape for Leave the World Behind
Post Perspective Article Read More
05.11.23 | Universal Studios
NBCUniversal Archivist Natalie Auxier Takes Us From "Jurassic Park" to "Fast X"
The Credits Article  Read More
03.29.23 | Universal Studios
Most Illuminating - Cinematography World Spotlight
Check out page 82 for the spotlight!  - - Cinematography World Article Read More
03.28.23 | NBCUniversal StudioPost
Welcome to the Team! NBCUniversal StudioPost
NBCUniversal StudioPost is excited to announce that Michael Sohcot has joined the team as a Finishing Editor. - - LinkedIn Post Read More
05.25.22 | Universal Studios
How 'Gaslit' Turned Fingernails Into the Sounds of Sacrifice
Variety Article  Read More
05.25.22 | Universal Studios
NBCUniversal StudioPost Opens New Hitchcock Mix Stage
Post Magazine Article Read More
11.02.21 | Universal Studios
Famed Universal Studios Lot Will Add Soundstages as Film and TV Production Surges
LA Times article Read More
10.25.21 | Universal Studios
The Universal Studios Lot launched a new on-the-go resource tool for everyone working on the Lot! The app includes production information, dining options and an easy to follow wayfinding map!   ... Read More
08.17.21 | Universal Studios
Soundtrack: F9 - The Fast Saga
Post Magazine article Read More
08.10.21 | Universal Studios
Hacks Showrunner Paul W. Downs On VFX and Comedy
Post Perspective article Read More
07.28.21 | Universal Studios
The Big Sound of F9: The Fast Saga
Post Perspective article Read More
07.08.21 | Universal Studios
Soundworks Collection: The Sound of F9
Soundworks Collection article Read More
05.05.21 | Universal Studios
DP Chat: Rutherford Falls' Ross Riege on Shooting Peacock Series
Post Perspective  article Read More
01.22.21 | Universal Studios
NBCUniversal StudioPost Newest Sound Mixing Team!
NBCUniversal StudioPost Sound on the Universal Studios Lot announces our newest mixing team!  Emmy® winning re-recording mixer John W. Cook II (Deadwood, Mr. Robot, VEEP) has partnered up with... Read More
12.16.20 | Universal Studios
Cinematography World: Across the Landscape
Cinematography World   Read More
09.08.20 | Universal Studios
NBCU Sustainability Director Shannon Bart on Conglom's Eco-Friendly Production Practices
  Variety Article Read More
08.21.20 | Universal Studios
The 2020 EMMYs Audio Spotlight
Podcast featuring NBCUniversal StudioPost EMMY-nominated sound mixers John Cook & Bill Freesh   The Audio Evangelist: Episode 2 Read More
08.19.20 | Universal Studios
John Ford's First Rodeos
Universal Pictures and Kino Lorber issue gleaming and immersive editions of two of the director's early, silent westerns. Wall Street Journal article Read More
06.18.20 | Universal Studios
Reopening Hollywood: NBCUniversal Begins Return To Work On The Lot, Tests COVID-19 Production Protocols Dominic Patten
DEADLINE Article Read More
03.24.20 | Universal Studios
Cineo's new Reflex R15 LED light has adopted cooling techniques developed in the computer world. We asked Rich Pierceall, VP, LED Operations, to explain further
Definition Magazine Article Read More
03.10.20 | Universal Studios
Universal Archivist Jeff Pirtle on the Legacy of Noble Johnson, Harriet and More.
The Credits Interview with Jeff Pirtle, Director of NBCUniversal Archives & Collections article Read More
02.07.20 | Universal Studios
Universal Pictures, Frankenstein, and Basketball: The Story of the First U.S. Olympic Team
NPR Interview with Jeff Pirtle, Director of NBCUniversal Archives & Collections Read More
01.27.20 | Universal Studios
Hollywood Studios Target Sustainability as Big Production Goal
Variety Article Read More
11.28.19 | Universal Studios
Natural History Museum Reveals Science Behind Monster Movies
Spectrum News 1 Segment Read More
08.28.19 | Universal Studios
Emmys 2019: How the Team Behind 'Deadwood: The Movie' Captured the Sounds of the Old West
CineMontage Article Read More
08.22.19 | Universal Studios
ADR, Loop Groups, Ad-Libs: Veep's Emmy-Nominated Audio Team article Read More
07.17.19 | Universal Studios
Creating and Mixing Authentic Sounds for HBO's Deadwood Movie
Post  article Read More
07.08.19 | Universal Studios
Universal Production Services Costume Dept. Now Open in New York
New York, New York, July 8, 2019 - Universal Studios Operations Group announced the opening of the Universal Production Services Costume Department in New York ( ... Read More
05.01.19 | Universal Studios
Universal Pictures Restores John Ford's "Hell Bent" Premiering at San Francisco Silent Film Festival 2019
Universal City, California, May 1, 2019 — Universal Pictures will premiere the restored version of Hell Bent (1918) at the 2019 San Francisco Silent Film Festival. The early John Ford western will... Read More
04.12.19 | Universal Studios
TV Technology Announces NAB "Best of Show" Awards
TV Technology Newsletter   Read More
03.19.19 | Universal Studios
Universal Unveils Massive Monster Mural on Studio Lot
Hollywood Reporter article Read More
02.15.19 | Universal Studios
Frank A. Montano and Jon Taylor Interview: First Man Sound Mixers
First Man: Sound Mixers - Read More
02.11.19 | Universal Studios
Oscar Worthy Re-Recording Mixers
Oscar Worthy Re-Recording Mixers - CineMontage Read More
12.25.18 | Universal Studios
The Sound of First Man Soundshow with Damien Chazelle
The Sound of First Man Soundshow with Damien Chazelle - SoundWorks Collection Interview Series Read More
12.10.18 | Universal Studios
First Man: Historical Fiction Meets Authentic Sound
First Man: Historical Fiction Meets Authentic Sound - Post Perspective Read More
11.19.18 | Universal Studios
The Sound of First Man
The Sound of First Man - Soundworks Collection Read More
11.01.18 | Universal Studios
First Man: Mixing Universal's Moon Mission Feature
"First Man: Mixing Universal's Moon Mission Feature" - POST Magazine - Nov. 2018 Issue Read More
10.18.18 | Universal Studios
Report: Sound for Film & TV conference Focuses on Collaboration
Post Perspective - by Mel Lambert Read More
10.17.18 | Universal Studios
Armstrong Biopic Engineers Reach Out to ILC for Authentic Space Sounds
"Armstrong Biopic Engineer Reach Out to ILC for Authentic Space Sounds" - Dover Post Read More
09.26.18 | Universal Studios
Universal Studios Costume Digital Design Workroom Now Open!
Universal City, California, September 26, 2018 — The Universal Studios Costume Department announces the grand opening of their latest innovative service, the Digital Design Workroom. In... Read More
06.27.18 | Universal Studios
NBCUniversal and Cineo Lit Up Cine Gear 2018 with this 24"x48" Panel
"NBCUniversal and Cineo lit up Cine Gear 2018 with this 24"x48" panel" - American Cinematographer Read More
06.25.18 | Universal Studios
Color for Television Series
"Color for Television Series" - Post Perspective Read More
06.14.18 | Universal Studios
An Insider's Guide to Gatherings at the Universal Studios Lot
"An Insider's Guide to Gatherings at Univesal Studios Lot" - The Venue Report Read More
05.31.18 | Universal Studios
Universal Pictures Continues Silent Film Initiative Will Restore 10 Additional Titles
Restored Film The Man Who Laughs Premiered at San Francisco Silent Film Festival - - Universal Pictures announced today that it will continue its historic silent film initiative with an... Read More
05.31.18 | Universal Studios
Announcing the New NBCUniversal LightBlade LB800 at Cine Gear Expo, Booth #S107
NBCUniversal LightBlade announced its newest LED product, the LB800, in partnership with Cineo Lighting. As with their other LightBlade fixtures – the LightBlade 1K, the Ladder Light, and... Read More
03.06.18 | Universal Studios
NBCUniversal's New Trio of Lightblade Kits
American Cinematographer Article Read More
02.15.18 | Universal Studios
Universal Studios Costume Department New Hold Policy
For everyone's benefit, Universal Studios Costume Department has implemented a new hold policy for the Warehouse! Anyone who was pulling in the warehouse at the end of last year knows how... Read More
02.02.18 | Universal Studios
NBCUniversal LightBlade LED Production Lighting Debuts 3 New Products at BSC Expo
Universal City, California, February 2, 2018 – Launched in 2017, the highly successful NBCUniversal LightBlade LED ( will release 3 new products at the BSC Expo (Stand... Read More
10.01.17 | Universal Studios
In Pursuit of Sound
POST Magazine - Oct. 2017 Issue Read More
09.29.17 | Universal Studios
Cineo, NBCUniversal Forge LightBlade
American Cinematographer Article Read More
05.31.17 | Universal Studios
Premiering NBCUniversal Lightblade LED Production Lighting at Cine Gear Expo 2017 in Partnership with Cineo Lighting
NBCUniversal announces the latest innovation in LED production lighting, NBCUniversal LightBlade ( In partnership with Cineo Lighting, this new line of high performance lighting... Read More
05.01.17 | Universal Studios
The Sound of The Fate & The Furious
Soundworks Collection Podcast Read More
03.22.17 | Universal Studios
BIzBash Celebrates Event Professionals at Hall of Fame Ceremony
BizBash Article Read More
03.18.17 | Universal Studios
The Once and Universal King, 1930
Cartoon Research Article Read More
02.06.17 | Universal Studios
25th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design
The 25th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibit opened at the FIDM Museum in downtown Los Angeles. This year’s exhibit includes two Universal films: Hail, Caesar! (Costume... Read More
01.23.17 | Universal Studios
New Stages are Finished!
The two brand new stages on the lot are finished! The stages are 18,000 sq. ft. each. Included in the stage complex are dressing rooms, make-up rooms and production office space. Dimensions:... Read More
12.08.16 | Universal Studios
Hairspray Live! Behind the Scenes Photos
Baltimore Sun Read More
11.30.16 | Universal Studios
Playing for Keeps - Picture and Sound Restoration Preserves the Great and the Forgotten for Movie Fans Today and Generations to Come
POST Magazine - November 2016 Read More
10.10.16 | Universal Studios
Tour the NBCUniversal Costume Department
Creative Handbook Article Read More
10.06.16 | Universal Studios
The Path's post path to UHD
Post Perspective Article Read More
08.18.16 | Universal Studios
Film Archivists Confab to Open with Screening of Restored "One-Eyed Jacks"
Hollywood Reporter Article Read More
06.22.16 | Universal Studios
Universal to Build New Soundstage Complex, Expand Theme Park in 5-Year Plan
Variety Article Read More
06.15.16 | Universal Studios
The Road to Hell: Three Early Films of Edward L. Cahn (Law and Order, Afraid to Talk, Laughter in Hell)
Bright Lights Film Journal Article Read More
05.13.16 | Universal Studios
The New York Times - Weekend Arts
New York Times Listing Universal Pictures: Restorations and Rediscoveries, 1928 to 1937 (Friday through June 15) The current climate of Hollywood studios’ staking their bets on... Read More
05.08.16 | Universal Studios
MOMA Launches a Spectacular Series: Universal Restorations & Rediscoveries, 1928-1937 Article Read More
11.07.15 | Universal Studios
Spartacus: 55th Anniversary Restoration
The Digital Flix Article Read More