Picture Services

The StudioPost "one-stop shop" set-up keeps your needs front and center with top-notch service, up-to-date technology, strong security and cost effectiveness. The extensive post experience enables us to meet all of your customized needs.

The StudioPost Picture team works together to create a cohesive client experience.  We provide best-in-class support and make it an easy process from start to finish. Our team is anchored by experienced Project Managers and Schedulers, who manage your project as if it were their own.  The extensive experience and forward thinking attitude of our Project Managers, Operations Staff, Online Editors, Visual Effects Artists and Colorists assist in bringing our client's vision to life.

The following are services we provide and contact information for each. Feel free to reach out with any questions.


StudioPost houses a team of highly skilled Colorists with vast expertise in episodic, feature, restoration, and streaming projects for both internal and third party productions.  Clients have the option of working on-lot in our well-appointed color suites and theaters or utilizing our convenient and secure streaming technologies for remote viewing. Our facility features DaVinci Resolve working in a variety of rasters and color spaces including UHD, HDR, and Dolbyvision.


StudioPost has a team of VFX artists with years of experience capable of attending to all your episodic and theatrical VFX needs.  The 5 staff artists work on Flames, After Effects, Digital Fusion, and other systems and can attend to:

  • 2.5D Compositing
  • Blue/Green Screen Keys with 3D Tracking
  • Production Equipment/Personnel Removal
  • Split Screens
  • Wire Removals
  • Reflections
  • Beauty
  • Film Restoration
  • Digital Forensic Marks

Our team is also available to integrate into pre-production meetings and on-set consultation as needed.

For inquiries contact:

Casey Keltner
818.777.9434 / casey.keltner@nbcuni.com