Staff Shop

    The Staff Shop creates a variety of custom fabrication and construction of flex moldings, fiberglass casting and more. There is a lot of new inventory; please call or set up a visit to see the new staff and ornamental items. We service the entertainment, architectural, and a variety of other industries. We offer quick turnaround to keep any project on time!

    Services include:

    • Vac-u-form including rock, bricks, stone and custom patterns
    • Mold making consisting of fiberglass, plaster, and silicone
    • Flex moldings – 200 styles available
    • Casting building ornaments like rosettes, cornice, brackets, and columns
    • Door and lock hardware, antique locks and doorknobs
    • Wall plates, electrical plates and light switches
    • Fiberglass casting and fabrication – 50 designs of fiberglass skins
    • Binks Fiberglass Chopper Gun
    • Construction concrete and plastering
    • Set plastering, skim walls, textures and faux finishes
    • Sculpting services
    • Foam and urethanes


    For inquiries contact:


    Studio Operations Service Desk
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