Metal Shop

    The Metal Shop is certified by the City of Los Angeles and has a Type 1 Fabricator License.

    Types of welding:

    • TIG, MIG, ARC, BRAZING, Inner shield, Outer shield, and Gas
    • Pipe, tube, angle iron and plate rolling
    • Fire escapes
    • Ladders
    • Steel structure
    • Metal forming and pounding
    • Bounding + rolling
    • HVAC duct
    • Ride support
    • Repair
    • Tube and pipe bending
    • Structural, architectural, and ornamental
    • Steel, aluminum, stainless steel
    • Sheet metal - 10 foot sheer and 10 foot brake
    • Sheet metal rolling, punching, forming
    • Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass
    • Machine Shop - 3 lathes with 20” swing capacity and 3 mills
    • I.D./O.D. grinder
    • Water jet and laser jet
    • All types of plating including galvanizing, anodizing, and powder coat






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