Office Services

    Universal Studios Office Services is a full-service department that provides a wealth of studio knowledge and expertise with the various facilities departments and processes.  Upon renting office space, an Office Service Representative will be assigned to each production to resolve any office related issues or needs. We are here to make our clients stay a welcoming and pleasant experience and we take great pride in our industry reputation. We accommodate all our clients from conception to completion.

    Office space ranges from 250 sq. ft. to 11,500 sq. ft.

    Amenities include:

    • Offices come furnished with no additional fees (there are additional fees for labor to move items after the initial setup)
    • 24/7 Security in some locations
    • Reserved and unreserved parking available
    • Most suites have kitchens with appliances
    • Conference rooms at no extra cost
    • Mail runs 2-3 times a day for each production
    • EV charging stations
    • Internet IVLAN (3Gb pipe to Internet)
    • Upgraded Wi-Fi within many sound stages
    • Upgraded Wi-Fi across many production offices
    • Implemented outdoor distributed antenna system for enhanced Verizon cellular coverage

    Office Service inquiries, please call 818.777.7774 or email us at

    Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm

    Office Staff
    Christy Lane
    Director, Production Office Services
    Christy Lane

    Christy Lane has been with the company since 1989, 15 years of her tenure has been managing approximately 600,000 sq. ft. of production office space on the Universal Studios Lot. Lane and her team manage all building maintenance, telecom requests, furniture set-up, billing, audio/video, golf cart requests, key requests and parking. She also oversees production office space in 10 UCP, Dreamworks Facilities and the Brokaw News Center. She’s currently considered the “one-stop-shop” for all on-lot production office needs.

    Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee

    Jennifer has worked with Office Services as a Coordinator since April 2015. Her focus is to provide great customer service from start to finish. The Office Services team is responsible for setting up office space with the proper furniture, network/telecom, and various other services requested prior to occupancy and maintaining the office space during their stay. Jennifer’s production experience includes Heartbeat, Colony, The Good Place, Uncle Buck, GRIMM and more. Prior to working in Office Services, Jennifer worked in Health Services on the Universal Studios Lot for 4 years.

    Cat Arcori
    Cat Arcori

    Cat has been with NBCUniversal for 5 years, and started working with the Office Services team in April 2016. She worked with the Universal Studios Costume department and Entertainment Production for the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park during her 5 years. Previously, Catherine worked on sets with a total of 10 years experience. Some of Catherine's current clients include the productions: Chicago Med, Chicago PD, The Mindy Project and Superstore.

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