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Debra Woolery

Debra joined Universal in May 2018 as Project Manager, TV Sound Stage Scheduling. Scheduling the Television Mix and ADR Stages on the NBC lot, Debra is currently busy scheduling 34 shows. Having a mother who worked at Universal Studios for over 30 years, she feels at home working with the Studio Post team from her office in The Hitchcock Building.

Prior to joining Universal, Debra spent over 15 years in Film and Television Development at Disney Studios and Castle Rock Pictures. Being a part of such great projects as Pretty Woman, Shawshank Redemption and Seinfeld. Debra later moved into Post Production at Encore Video and Westwind Media. Working with shows like the Practice, Ally McBeal and more recently, the Shondaland shows.

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A look back at this 2-story #hospital set that was built on our #stages a few years back for a medical drama.
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A sunny, rustic luncheon on European street on a warm day last November.
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Purple haze
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It is the 15th #anniversary of the debut of "The Office"! Can you believe it? NBCUniversal Archives & Collections has iconic #wardrobe pieces and #props in their inventory that we wanted to share to celebrate the milestone.
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NEW YORK STREET #location #newyork #city
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This past Sunday, March 15th marked the 105th #anniversary of Universal City's grand opening. We wanted to share a few photos and some history about the opening - a perfect post for #flashbackfriday
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Lovely, elegant living room vignette in the #property department. So is the dog real...that is the question?
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These #set walls were part of the Hairspray Live production. The art directors, set designers and set construction teams created a fun, colorful atmosphere that captured the musical perfectly!
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